Monday, February 24, 2014


First a few FAQs:

  1. I prefer that people email in their answers but a link to a blog post works as well. But I probably wont see them if you post it on social media sites like Facebook or G+. 
  2. I won't be posting anything about the answers submitted, to include what the "right" answer is, this isn't trivia, this project is geared towards challenging you to try something out you may not have tried, or learn something you might not have tried to learn, I'm only here to push you further once you have and keep it rolling week by week once you do.
This weeks question is:

A number of SCADA and ICS systems use a protocol named "MODBUS" what are some vulnerabilities that are in or involved this protocol? What sort of systems were they attached to? What did they control? Why did the vulnerabilities occur? What does SCADA stand for? What does ICS stand for? Dive as deep as you want on this.